Verbally numb.


There is another question I can find no answer to. Why are so many people silent when there is so much to say?

Today I have read a facebook post by Yoko Ono: “Each time we don’t say what we want to say we’re dying. Make a list of how many times you died this week”. After some contemplation I have realized that the most challenging part in putting ideas into words sometimes, is separating the intelligible thoughts from the overwhelming emotions. The latter authenticate the statement, but when excessive, their influence is destructive. There is way too much aggression in our strive for justice; and hostility often intimidates humble but virtuous attempts to express ourselves. Alternatively, it causes reciprocal aggression, hate or despair.

Should we perhaps focus on the chimerical perfect World-image and describe paths toward it, whenever we are disturbed by real problems of injustice, inequality, violence etc.? Or should we better pay our most attention to the things we can change within our sphere of influence and not get frustrated with the World acute problems?

While all the insanities taking place far and near leave me distracted, disturbed and numb, I’m having hard time looking for the answer.


About Xenia Zamolina

I am an artist living in Heilbronn, Germany. The beauty of our world is my main inspiration source. My creative journey took a new vibrant turn after the birth of our daughter Anoushka. In my work I paint from the place of love, peace and vulnerability. I want my art to be intuitive, joyful and elevating. I'm feeling blessed to be able to do what I truly love!

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