What is this feeling, when you hear something familiar in the midst of a conversation, and realize that this synchronicity is much more than mere coincidence. These moments of enlightenment, as I call them, are precious and real. They bring one in harmony with the present moment and simultaneously open up the door to infinity and wisdom. Surprisingly, the very content of a message might not be of any importance, but the sensation of totality and connectedness makes one aligned with the eternal consciousness.

The cosmic flash can dawn at anytime when you are in tune with your inner self, while walking, reading, dreaming, talking or listening. It is not necessarily a genius lucid moment giving a birth to a bright idea, but more often just an alert from the Universal intelligence, signalizing the intertwining character of sporadic phenomena.

Although there might be no content in the feeling we experience, the very notion of an open door makes the intelligence every time more accessible. Directing one’s attention continuously towards the light makes the darkness slowly disappear.



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