One is becoming tolerant by overcoming the hatred and accepting the unacceptable.

It is relatively easy to approve of something unfamiliar that goes along with your current values or doesn’t affect you in any way. However, I would call this attitude indifference rather than tolerance. When traveling to an Arabic country, I’m not judgmental towards women wearing hijab or early morning calls to prayer, disturbing my sleep. My comfort zone isn’t violated by these issues, and my attitude is similar to the one of a spectator at a theatre performance.

Things are becoming more difficult when one has to share daily routine or run a business with somebody so incomprehensible and different, as if coming from a parallel dimension. This becomes a real challenge of not giving in and rejecting the unknown.

When you start living in a foreign place you don’t like, this doesn’t mean yet that in some time you won’t understand it. When you open your heart and resist the temptation to criticize, the initially uncomfortable feeling can vanish, being replaced by a joy of appreciation and love.



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