Racing is relaxing.


I spent last weekend at the Hockenheimring in Germany. Racing is in fact an excellent relaxation therapy for intelligent minds. It requires the highest degree of mental concentration and demands direction of all your attention to the track lane. A minor mistake might cost one a life.

When the values of the society you live in don’t match with yours, the inner conflict begins. Sometimes I find myself thinking over the same problem for hours, often unconsciously, while sleeping. Taking my mind off the disturbing issue seems almost impossible, and I go deeper and deeper into the state of helpless worrying. Agitation is becoming a norm in our society, and being calm is regarded as a deficiency by many of us.

When you are on a racetrack, everything becomes simple and clear. Roaring engines don’t let you talk nonsense, everyone is involved in achieving a common goal, and however strained the environment might be, people become more humane. In two short days I have had some “amazingly real” conversations that make me see new horizons and believe in who I am.


About Ксения Замолина

С самого детства я сознательно интересовалась вопросами смысла жизни и осознанности. Творчество в самых разных его проявлениях давало мне ответы на мои вопросы в невербальной форме. Стоило начать творить, и ко мне приходила ясность, меня тутже захватывал поток, и мой ум отключался. Этим состоянием, очень приятным и очень целительным, я хочу поделиться с другими женщинами.

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